Forestry Assistance Referrals

The Forestry Assistance Program works to provide an initial professional contact with landowners who are interested in forest management on their property. Our role is to provide general guidance and information and facilitate referrals to other public and private resource professionals.


Qualified foresters interested in pursuing the project(s) described below should respond to the Montcalm, Kent & Ionia Conservation Districts by email within two weeks of the posting. You may include additional relevant information in your responses pertaining to the project. Forester Maxwell Schrimpf will then forward all emails received to the landowner. Landowners are encouraged to contact all of the consultants who reply in a timely fashion, but the choice remains with the individual landowner. Our office will follow up with landowners to ensure they get the assistance they need.


Please contact us if you would like more information on any project. We may have other information such as notes, maps, or digital photographs.

If you are a contractor who is interested in being put on the direct email list, email Maxwell at

Referrals Will Include...
  • Project #

  • Date Posted

  • Date Closed

  • Location, PLSS

  • Parcel Size

  • Forest Type

  • Water Bodies/Wetlands

  • Work Requested

  • Timeline

  • Additional Information


Project #: 59-21-03
Date Posted: November 27, 2020
Date Closed: December 12, 2020
Location: Montcalm County; Ferris Twp. T11N R5W Sec 11
Parcel Size: 86 acres, approx. 24 to be cut
Forest Type: Lowland/Northern Hardwood mix; mainly aspen and red oak/hard & soft maple
Water Bodies/Wetlands: Lowland area can be seasonally wet, established 2-track crosses a drain for the lowland area
Work Requested: Selective harvest/TSI as called for by the FMP/EQIP contract
Timeline: Winter 2021-2022
Additional Information: Landowner's property is enrolled in the QFP program so following the harvest schedule is important to them. As of the time of enrollment (2016) the areas to be cut are classified as well-stocked pole timber. I met with the property owner back in October and agreed that the timing was right for the harvest. This landowner is interested in hosting a Tree Farm Field Day this summer, so work for this harvest is a good example to show the proper management of the property.

Project #: 59-21-02

Date Posted: October 21, 2020
Date  Closed: November 4, 2020

Location: Montcalm County; Eureka Twp. T9N R8W Sec 19/20

Parcel Size: 6.5 acres

Forest Type: Red oak, black oak, soft maple canopy. 1.5 acre red pine stand with some white pine mixed

Water Bodies/Wetlands: Small seasonal wetland on the NW corner of property with seasonal feeder stream

Work Requested: General thinning across the stand with an intermediate red pine thinning

Timeline: Flexible

Additional Information: Landowner is interested in thinning out some of the oak and maple within his property. I recommended that he also have the red pine stand third-row thinned in order to allow them to reach pole size. Property was last thinned approximately 16 years ago. Most of the hardwoods are of the small to medium size. There is one old road that could be reutilized. The landowner does live on the property. 

Project #: 59-21-01

Date Posted: October 14, 2020

Date Closed: October 28, 2020

Location: Montcalm County; Winfield Twp. T12N R9W Sec 13 Parcel Size: 46 acres

Forest Type: Oak, mixed hardwoods, lowland hardwood

Water Bodies/Wetlands: Seasonal wetland

Work Requested: Selective Cut as prescribed by the FMP

Timeline: Flexible, possibly harvest winter of 2021

Additional Information: Landowner is looking to work with a consulting forester to create a selective harvest as called for by the FMP. Property was last thinned about 15 years ago. There are some residual skid trails from the prior harvest that can be reused. The wetland cuts across the property, meaning access would require a crossing for a part of the stand.

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