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Misty Forest Reflection

Enhancing Montcalm County's natural resources through conservation education, outreach and partnerships.

Upcoming Events

March 18Flat River Watershed Council Meeting

(6pm @ Flat River Community Library)

March 27 - Fruit Tree Pruning & Care

(2pm @ Anderson & Girls Orchard)

April 19 - Spring Tree Sale Pickup 

May 4 - Tire & Electronics Collection

(9am-Noon @ Pierson Landfill)

May 17 - Spring Native Plant Sale Pickup

May 18 - Household Hazardous Waste Collection

(9am-Noon @ Greenville Fair Grounds)


   March 5 - Recycling in Montcalm Co.

   (5:30pm @ Tamarack District Library) 

Conserving Montcalm County Resources Since 1948

Montcalm Conservation District

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Board of Directors at MCD's 2022 Annual Meeting.

Pictured left to right: Jed Welder, Mark Sabin, Bruce Noll, Steve Wyckoff and Chris Mark

  • We are looking for a qualified forester. More information available here. Application deadline is open until filled.

  • All Montcalm County recycling sites have been updated with compactor units for increased processing efficiency. Please follow the list of acceptable items and do not leave materials on the ground. Continued misuse of any site may result in a disruption of service. Your help in keeping the sites litter free is greatly appreciated, thank you.

  • Electronic recycling is available by appointment. To schedule, call (989) 831-4212 Ext. 108


The Montcalm Conservation District was organized in 1948 as a local unit of government to help solve soil and water problems. Technical assistance is provided by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). The district’s programs are directed toward erosion control, efficient land use, maintaining soil productivity, water management and promoting a stewardship for the land. 

Mission Statement

Enhancing Montcalm County's natural resources through conservation education, outreach, and partnerships.

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