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What is MIONFPS?

The Michigan On-Farm Produce Safety (MIONFPS) is a free, voluntary, non-regulatory and confidential program that provides produce farmers with produce safety technicians who offer resources to assess and improve current produce farming practices. 

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Produce Safety Risk Assessment (PSRA)

A program designed to educate producers about food safety and recognize those who implement strong produce safety practices. Producers who successfully complete the PSRA and on-site farm review are awarded certificates that can be advertised to their consumers.​

Any and all produce growers are eligible to receive assistance,

such as:

Action Plans

 Food Safety Plans

 Water Testing

Training Protocols

Record Keeping

Wash Pack Consultations 

Microbial Risk Mitigation.

On-Farm Readiness Review (OFRR)

A program where technicians walk through a producer's operation and discuss how to better meet the standards of regulatory inspections that may be required by law.

For more information, contact our Produce Safety Technician at 616-223-0027

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Morgan Anderson
(Produce Safety Technician)

Morgan Anderson is the new produce safety technician located at the Ottawa Conservation District; she services Montcalm County along with 7 other counties. Morgan has a degree in Environmental Studies with a minor in public policy. She has worked at the University of Michigan Campus Farm, Trout Unlimited and the University Sustainable Food Program. Growing up on a family farm, she has always been passionate about agriculture and local food systems. Morgan looks forward to continuing her pursuit of these passions and building relationships with Montcalm County growers. In her free time, Morgan enjoys hiking, photography, crafting and spending time with loved ones.

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